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When it comes to servicing a car, most drivers immediately think of engine oil. However, changing the transmission oil is equally important to ensure your car is maintained properly. Here’s why.

Transmissiobn Servicing Auckland

It’s commonly thought that a transmission service is really only required for cars that are used in very high demand conditions like performance and racecars. Some even think that it is an unnecessary expense, especially since some OEMs claim that their transmissions have “lifetime oil”.

However, transmission oil is very important not only for lubrication of gears and parts and reducing friction, but it also helps to keep the unit cool and makes gear changes smoother. Good oil also keeps everything clean, reduces vibrations, protects against corrosion and increases the lifespan of your transmission.

It is better to change oil in your transmission sooner rather than later. It will help to keep your transmission in optimal condition, extend its life and reduce the odds of failure or damage occurring.

When transmission oil loses its pressure you can experience delayed shifting. Residue in the transmission oil can make shifting more difficult, potentially resulting in crunching or grinding. You also risk the transmission overheating which can lead to serious damage to many parts of the transmission. This can all happen if the transmission oil is not in good shape or is low (usually due to a leak) and hasn’t been replaced.

Contact us at Dodson if it’s time to change your transmission oil. We will be able to determine when the right service interval for your car is and what type of transmission oil is best to use, whether you have a manual gearbox, DCT or automatic.