Dodson Motorsport

At Dodson we service a wide variety of high performance cars which are used in many different applications, from simple daily drivers to dedicated race cars. This has given us the opportunity to see how various oils work under many different circumstances, and has given us the ability to provide improvements in certain areas.

This is why, depending on the application, we use our specifically blended Dodson oils and fluids when the circumstances require.

Dodson Oils & Fluids

Many times OEM oil is the best option for the car. After all, the guys who made the car usually know what’s best for it. But there are a few instances where it is possible to improve on it, such as with cars that are heavily used in racing rather than on the road. Different climates can also affect what oil needs to be used, and sometimes the manufacturer’s recommended oil isn’t the best that’s available.

In some applications, the manufacturer recommended oils are made quite thin, which helps driveability on the clutches and makes them appear to drive smoother (which can give the driver the impression that the oil is better than what was previously in there). But this usually means less gear protection during extreme conditions such as racing or ‘spirited’ driving.

For this reason we have a wide variety of specially crafted oils made to our specification as well as OEM supplied oils to best suit the vehicle we are working on. This ensures we are able to offer the maximum protection to the transmission components whilst maintaining maximum performance.

One example of where we use our Dodson oil is the Nissan GTR, as it offers better gear protection over some of the other oils on the market whilst not being so thick that it interferes with clutch operation. We also manufacture different oils for the GTR based on climates or applications (such as drag racing).

We are here to ensure you get the best oil for your car depending on how you plan to use it. Speak to us today and we will be able to recommend which oils you should go with when getting your car serviced by us!