Dodson Motorsport

Looking to get your Audi R8 serviced by the best? We at Dodson offer premium engine and transmission servicing for Audi R8s from our workshop in North Shore.

Get Your Audi R8 Serviced at Dodson

We know how much these cars are valued by our customers. That is why our specialists will service your Audi R8 to the absolute highest standard using the best oils and components for the Audi R8, including Castrol and AP Racing fluids and parts. All without the dealership pricetag.

Our Audi R8 engine service includes:

  • Replacing the engine oil & filter with premium components
  • Installing new sealing washer on sump plugs
  • Check and top-up of any other possibly low fluids
  • Inspection of engine air filters and replacement if necessary
  • Full vehicle safety check
  • Quality test drive

Our Audi R8 Transmission Service includes:

  • Scanning the vehicle for any fault codes to ensure the sensors and pressures are working correctly
  • Draining the transmission oil and removing the oil filter
  • Replacing the filter and cleaning all components
  • Filling the transmission with DMS high performance transmission fluid specifically designed for the Audi R8
  • Quality test drive
  • Optional clutch/gear calibration & adaption drive

If you are looking to make your R8 faster we’re also able to help you with increasing the performance of your car.

Book in your R8 for a service now by calling 09 441 3635 or email us on