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Is your direct injection engine suffering from poor performance, excessive fuel consumption or rough idle, is hard to start or you are getting a check engine light?

Direct injection engines get excessive carbon build up in the intake ports over time, due to their design, and can cause the symptoms above along with other problems.

This is especially the case if your driving includes a lot of cold starting, short trips and stop-starts, which cause the build up to occur even faster. 

We at Dodson specialise in carbon cleaning for all direct injection engines using our walnut blasting and soda blasting machines which will remove all the carbon deposits in your engine and get it running like new again. 

Why Does Carbon Build Up Occur?

Direct injection engines are designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

To do this, they recirculate “blow-by” from the crankcase through the PCV system back into the intake in order to reburn the oil and particles instead of venting them into the atmosphere, like old cars did.

The problem with this is that over time, deposits from the oil and particles build up in the intake and on the valves, restricting the ports and causing running issues with the engine such as significant loss of power as well as high fuel consumption. 

And, because the fuel is sprayed directly into the cylinder on these engines, there is nothing to clean away these deposits, unlike on older port injection engines that sprayed fuel into the ports, before the valves.

The engine result are intake ports and valves that look like this:

Carbon build up in a direct injection engine

The only way to remove these deposits and get the engine running properly again is to manually clean them using something a method like walnut blasting or soda blasting.

What Is Walnut Blasting?

Walnut blasting is a process where walnut shells are blasted into the intake ports with pressure (typically around 85-115 psi) in order to remove the deposits.

These walnut shells are a very fine granulate and leave no residue and will not cause any pitting, scoring or damage to the ports or valves, making them perfect for the job.

With the piston at top dead center, the walnut shells are blasted into the ports and then removed with an industrial vacuum cleaner, getting rid of all carbon build up without causing any damage or leaving a chemical residue which could cause problems with valve stems oil seals, catalytic converters and other parts.

This is a completely safe and very effective method to clean the carbon build up from the engine. The end result is an intake port that looks like this:

Practically like new.

What Is Soda Blasting?

Soda blasting is another method that can be used to clean carbon deposits that are not too thick.

This process uses sodium bicarbonate particles that are blasted into the intake port in a similar manner as the walnut shells.

Being less abrasive than walnut blasting, soda blasting can be a great option in situations where carbon build up isn’t too excessive.

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If your direct injection engine needs carbon cleaning, speak to us today! We can do carbon cleaning on all direct injection engines using both walnut and soda blasting including:

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NOTE: All walnut blasting & carbon cleaning services are done from our workshop in Wairau, so that we have all the equipment necessary to correctly disassemble your engine, complete the cleaning procedure thoroughly and reassemble the car according to manufacturer’s standards.

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I don’t normally give out 5 stars, but this place deserves the full credit, did a transmission service, very professional and friendly. Can’t expect anything more tbh.
J Dizza
J Dizza
Great experience all the way from the quoting stage through to the carry out of the job. Took the time to come for a test drive with me prior to engaging in the service. Dodsons completed the job for a third of what it would’ve cost me to get my transmission serviced and recalibrated through BMW. Very happy customer
Guitar Guys
Guitar Guys
I brought my E60 M5 to Dodson Motorsport for a general service and was blown away how thorough they are. There was no pressure to get any extra work done, but I was well advised of all potential issues that had previously gone unnoticed at another shop. This shows attention to detail by them, which is exactly what you want when dealing with performance vehicles. If you have a vehicle that you truly love, and only want the best care for it, then I highly recommend Dodson.
Danny Wong
Danny Wong
Quick and timely service from the team. Would definitely recommend!
Trevor Huggins
Trevor Huggins
Very happy with the DSG transmission and Haldex service on the VW R32. Great communication and price. Highly recommend Dodson's.
Mike Skinner
Mike Skinner
Excellent service and a fair price for servicing my wife's Cayenne. Even rung to tell her about a water pump leak but let her know it did not need replacing for a while - don't see honesty like that often these days. We will be customers from now on!
Maddison Bonham
Maddison Bonham
Had my Vw Gti dsg & engine service done here. Fast, knowledgeable & friendly staff. See you guys next time!

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