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Dodson Motorsport are the worlds specialists when it comes to the Porsche PDK transmission. Our capabilities range from our premium transmission service all the way up to extensive transmission repair. With our team of R&D engineers and vehicle technicians, we manufacture high end components right here in New Zealand to repair or upgrade the PDK platform.

Porsche Engine & PDK Transmission Servicing Auckland

We offer both engine and PDK transmission servicing options for all Porsche models from our workshop on the North Shore in Auckland. We can also carry out any mechanical or electrical repair required to bring the car back to premium condition. With the support of our PIWIS service tool and the backing of many Porsche workshops around the world we are confident we can solve any issue that arises with your vehicle.

We will ensure that your car is serviced to the highest standard possible. We use only the very best oils, parts and materials which carry the appropriate ratings and specifications set out by Porsche themselves.

If you wish to book in for one of our services, please call us on the number below or fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Engine Service

From $629

Transmission Service

From $1499

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