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Audi Engine & Transmission Servicing in Auckland

Dodson Motorsport offer premium, dealer-alternative servicing for all Audis in Auckland.

Being specialists in Audi, we ensure that your car is serviced beyond manufacturer’s specifications, using only the best oils, components and materials. With the support of our ODIS, VAS and VCDS service tools, we are able to diagnose and repair any issues that may arise with your pride and joy.

Audi Engine & DSG Transmission Servicing Auckland

We offer both engine, DSG transmission and Haldex servicing options for all Audi models from our workshop on the North Shore in Auckland. When you get your car serviced by us, you can expect quality and expertise as good as Audi themselves.

Audi Engine

From $399

Audi Transmission Service

From $419

Audi Haldex Service

From $159 (fluid only) or $229 (Fluid and clean pump)

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