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Looking to Buy a New Performance, Exotic or Supercar?

We Do Pre-Purchase Car Inspections In Auckland Specifically For Performance & Special Interest Vehicles

Buying a performance, exotic or supercar is a significant purchase.

You could be spending 6 figures or more to purchase the car.

No doubt you will want to ensure that the car you are looking at buying is in the absolute best condition possible.

We at Dodson Motorsport are experts in building and servicing performance, exotic and supercars in Auckland.

Who better to have a look at your new potential ride than the people who work on the very same vehicles?

We known the ins and outs of these cars, what to look for and how to test them to ensure there are no hidden problems or potential issues that could arise in the near future… 

Which, on cars like these, could mean up to tens of thousands of dollars in repairs.

Whether you are looking at a modified JDM or Euro, a pristine classic or a new supercar, we are here to ensure that you make a good purchase.

What We Check With Our Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection

Our pre-purchase inspection will go over the car in detail – inside, outside, underneath, in the engine compartment and more.

We also scan the car (unless it’s a classic without a computer) to ensure there are no error codes and that everything electronically is up to scratch.

We will go over every corner of the car to ensure that you know exactly what you are buying.

Our pre-purchase inspection includes:

Engine Check

We thoroughly inspect and test the engine to ensure that it is in good shape and look for any potential issues that may arise. We also look at the service history in detail to ensure everything has been done properly in the past. We will also scan the vehicle for any engine related fault codes (scanning capabilities are dependent on vehicle make and model).

Drivetrain & Mechanical Check

Along with the engine, we inspect and test the transmission and drivetrain to ensure everything is in order. This can include running diagnostics on DCT type transmissions such as DSGs and PDKs to ensure all is well.

Suspension & Underbody Check

We cover the entire underbody and suspension of the car looking for rust, corrosion, worn bushings and ball joints, and anything else we can find.

Exterior Check

The exterior of the vehicle is inspected in great detail to see whether the car still retains its factory finish, if it has ever been in an accident or repaired, and if there is any rust or other damage to be aware of. We also carefully inspect the paintwork to make sure that it is as advertised and has been taken care of, and if there are any protective coatings.

Interior Check

The entire interior will get closely inspected to find out if everything is in order or if there are hidden problems. That includes the entire cabin area, under dash and in the boot or luggage area.

Road Test

Finally, we take the car for a quality road test to ensure that it drives like it should and that there are no other issues to take note of. Once we are satisfied with the road test and have completed the other steps, we will write out the report.

Tier 1 - Performance Cars

$199 Including GST

Our Tier 1 pre-purchase inspection service is for performance cars and caters to:

Tier 2 - Supercars

$249 Including GST

Our Tier 2 pre-purchase inspection service is for supercars and caters to:

Where Is the Pre-Purchase Inspection Done?

All pre-purchase inspections are done at our workshop at 55A View Rd, Wairau Valley, Auckland. This allows us to utilize our extensive range of tools and equipment such as hoists and brand specific scanning equipment to properly and thoroughly carry out the inspection in a manner that would be impossible outside the workshop.

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What Our Customers Have to Say:

Based on 30 reviews
I don’t normally give out 5 stars, but this place deserves the full credit, did a transmission service, very professional and friendly. Can’t expect anything more tbh.
J Dizza
J Dizza
Great experience all the way from the quoting stage through to the carry out of the job. Took the time to come for a test drive with me prior to engaging in the service. Dodsons completed the job for a third of what it would’ve cost me to get my transmission serviced and recalibrated through BMW. Very happy customer
Guitar Guys
Guitar Guys
I brought my E60 M5 to Dodson Motorsport for a general service and was blown away how thorough they are. There was no pressure to get any extra work done, but I was well advised of all potential issues that had previously gone unnoticed at another shop. This shows attention to detail by them, which is exactly what you want when dealing with performance vehicles. If you have a vehicle that you truly love, and only want the best care for it, then I highly recommend Dodson.
Danny Wong
Danny Wong
Quick and timely service from the team. Would definitely recommend!
Trevor Huggins
Trevor Huggins
Very happy with the DSG transmission and Haldex service on the VW R32. Great communication and price. Highly recommend Dodson's.
Mike Skinner
Mike Skinner
Excellent service and a fair price for servicing my wife's Cayenne. Even rung to tell her about a water pump leak but let her know it did not need replacing for a while - don't see honesty like that often these days. We will be customers from now on!
Maddison Bonham
Maddison Bonham
Had my Vw Gti dsg & engine service done here. Fast, knowledgeable & friendly staff. See you guys next time!

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Please Note: All inspections must be paid for in advance of the work being performed.

    Disclaimer: While we will do our utmost to inspect the car and provide you with a detailed report, we cannot be held liable for any issues that may arise with the car. Our inspection is solely done on an advisory basis, and we take no responsibility for any damage, repairs or problems that may occur.