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DSG transmissions are complex and how long they last is very dependent on how they were serviced. Regular service intervals for DSGs are crucial to keep them in optimal condition. But how often is regular?

DSG Service Interval

How the car is driven will greatly determine the interval of servicing the DSG. A car that is driven in a more “spirited” manner, or raced, will need to have it serviced more often than a car than is just being driven on the road. The recommended service interval for a DSG that isn’t seeing a lot of hard driving is 60,000 kms or 6 years. If you drive your car hard, you’ll want to service it more often.

What’s involved in the DSG service?

When we at Dodson carry out a DSG service, we first scan the car for any fault codes to ensure the DSG is working properly and that all sensors and pressures are correct. We then drain the old oil and remove the old filter, replacing the filter with new parts and cleaning all components before putting it back together. Then we fill it our specially mixed DMS high performance transmission fluid which has been specifically designed for DSG gearboxes.

Once that is all done we will take the car for a test drive to ensure everything is operating correctly, the gears are shifting smooth and that there are no other issues. If necessary, we will perform a clutch/gear calibration & adaption drive to solve any shifting problems.

If it’s time for your Audi or VW to get a DSG service, speak to us today to book your car in!