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Is your car’s air conditioning system not keeping up? It’s probably time for a service.

We at Dodson offer air condition service and regassing for all types of cars in Auckland from our Wairau workshop.

Why Do AC Systems Need Regassing?

Over time, the refrigerant gas in your car’s air conditioning system can deplete, especially in performance cars that are driven hard. This is due to the fact that AC systems typically have a lot of joints and components, and gas can leak, even if only a tiny amount.

Using the AC system also uses the refrigerant, which leads to reduced performance on a long enough time scale.

This gradual depletion of gas results in your air conditioning system not cooling as efficiently as it once did, leading to a less than comfortable driving experience, especially in the summer months.

Regassing will also help to maintain your AC system and keep it lubricated, ensuring it operates correctly and improving its efficiency.

What Makes Our Aircon Service Special?

AC systems tend to by finicky due to their complexity. If your system has something wrong, regassing can be a waste of money, only to have the gas leak out again or need to be extracted again to carry out a repair.

When you come to see us for an aircon regas, we will do a thorough check of your vehicle’s air conditioning system to identify any potential leaks or issues before filling it with new gas. This will ensure that you don’t waste your money and don’t have any problems with your system. 

We then drain any remaining refrigerant gas and carry out a deep vacuum to remove any moisture and air within the system, which if left, can lead to mechanical issues.

Once the system clean is done, we will refill your car’s air conditioning system with the manufacturer’s recommended type and quantity of refrigerant. This regas process will rejuvenate your AC system, leading to more effective and efficient cooling.

Get Your Air Conditioning Serviced Today!

With our AC machine, we can service practically any car in NZ roads. No matter what car you have, if your air conditioning is not as cool as it should be, come and see us! Click the button below to give us a call and book in your AC regas.

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Based on 30 reviews
I don’t normally give out 5 stars, but this place deserves the full credit, did a transmission service, very professional and friendly. Can’t expect anything more tbh.
J Dizza
J Dizza
Great experience all the way from the quoting stage through to the carry out of the job. Took the time to come for a test drive with me prior to engaging in the service. Dodsons completed the job for a third of what it would’ve cost me to get my transmission serviced and recalibrated through BMW. Very happy customer
Guitar Guys
Guitar Guys
I brought my E60 M5 to Dodson Motorsport for a general service and was blown away how thorough they are. There was no pressure to get any extra work done, but I was well advised of all potential issues that had previously gone unnoticed at another shop. This shows attention to detail by them, which is exactly what you want when dealing with performance vehicles. If you have a vehicle that you truly love, and only want the best care for it, then I highly recommend Dodson.
Danny Wong
Danny Wong
Quick and timely service from the team. Would definitely recommend!
Trevor Huggins
Trevor Huggins
Very happy with the DSG transmission and Haldex service on the VW R32. Great communication and price. Highly recommend Dodson's.
Mike Skinner
Mike Skinner
Excellent service and a fair price for servicing my wife's Cayenne. Even rung to tell her about a water pump leak but let her know it did not need replacing for a while - don't see honesty like that often these days. We will be customers from now on!
Maddison Bonham
Maddison Bonham
Had my Vw Gti dsg & engine service done here. Fast, knowledgeable & friendly staff. See you guys next time!

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