Dodson Service

Terms & Conditions Of Service

Prior to commencement of repairs, maintenance, diagnostics, or any other services (“Work”), Dodson Motorsport Limited (“Dodson”) recommends all terms and conditions are read and accepted by the customer. Work will not be carried out by Dodson until there has been agreement to these terms and conditions. Should a disagreement arise regarding terms, these should be resolved by all parties involved before any Work is carried out. All standard terms and conditions are made available to all existing and possible future customers prior to any services being provided, either in written form from Dodson or via our website at

Dodson takes no responsibility should the terms and conditions not be fully considered or understood by the customer prior to the commencement of Work. It is assumed by Dodson that the terms and conditions have been read, understood and agreed to when any parties request or accept any Work to be carried out by Dodson. Any and all questions, queries or disputes about these terms and conditions should be raised prior to the commencement of Work.

The terms and conditions of service for Dodson are as follows:

1. Limited Warranty

a. All Work carried out by Dodson is performed to the highest possible standard. We stand behind our Work and as such we offer a 10,000 kilometre or 1-year limited warranty on our workmanship.

b. The warranty is limited to the quality or workmanship of Work carried out by Dodson and manufacturing defects within parts and components produced by Dodson, and will not be extended to

i. The vehicle being used in any manner off of public roadways, or on public roadways but under conditions, manners or situations or environments in which the vehicle or the parts installed within it were not intended or designed to be used. This includes but is not limited to:

1. Track driving, i.e., racing and public or private track use. Dodson does not extend any warranty to the use of off-road vehicle use unless it is strictly discussed prior to commencement of Work and agreed to in writing by all parties involved.

2. Professional or amateur driving competitions. This includes but is not limited to drag racing, drifting, burnouts, auto cross etc. Dodson does not extend warranty to any off road vehicle competition use either professional or otherwise unless strictly agreed to in writing by all parties prior to Work being performed.

3. Dyno tuning. Dodson does not extend any warranty to the use of a vehicle on a dyno.

4. Illegal street driving, or illegal vehicle use of any kind. This includes but is not limited to:
speeding, street racing, burnouts, donuts, excessive noise complaints, etc.

ii. Third party interference such as any other professional or amateur work carried out by any person(s) or company on the vehicle after the completion of Work by Dodson. This includes but is not limited to repairs, maintenance and modifications of any kind.

iii. Manufacturing defects in parts and components that are not manufactured by Dodson.

iv. A breakage of any part or component, whether or not manufactured by Dodson, which is not caused by a manufacturing defect

v. Any parts supplied by customers. It is the full responsibility of the person(s) and/or company(s) supplying the parts to ensure that they are suitable for the intended application and are of suitable quality. Dodson assumes the person(s) and/or company(s) supplying the parts and/or components have read, understood and accepted the warranty of the parts they have purchase

c. Any parts branded “Dodson” that are purchased through the Dodson service centre will carry Dodson’s limited parts warranty, available at Any Dodson branded parts
purchased through a Dodson dealer are the responsibility of the dealer who sold or installed those parts or components.

d. In the event that Dodson supplies parts or components at request or with approval from the customer, Dodson will not extend any additional warranty beyond what the supplied parts and/or components carry from their original manufacturer. Should any part or component supplied by Dodson have fault or failure within its specified warranty period and it is determined that a warranty claim is valid, i.e. no factors that may void the warranty have occurred, then Dodson will work with the original supplier and/or manufacturer to replace the parts in question. Regardless of the manufacturers warranty period and/or willingness to provide replacement parts, Dodson takes no liability for performing repair work associated with failure of third party components; any repair work may be billable in Dodson’s sole discretion

2. Bookings

a. Dodson requires a preliminary booking to be made prior to the commencement of any Work. Booking queries can be made via our website or by phone, email, or in person.

b. Dodson considers any and all bookings made by any person(s) and/or company(s) as a commitment to Work and as such Dodson may hold any and all person(s) and or company(s) failing to show up for bookings as liable to incur additional charges to recover any loss of monetary values.

c. Should any party need to cancel or change an existing booking for any reason, Dodson requires 24 hours’ notice.

d. Dodson may decline to perform work for any person(s) or company(s) that deliver any vehicle without prior booking or knowledge of Dodson. Any unbooked vehicles delivered to Dodson may occur additional charges, such as storage and towing.

3. Quotes, Pricing and Work Plans

a. No parts and/or components of parts will be fitted by Dodson until permission has been granted by the customer.

b. Any time a customer enquires about pricing for Work, Dodson will supply a written estimate or quote prior to commencement. This may be delivered by hand or via email and will be on official Dodson letterhead. All agreements regarding the commencement of Work, pricing, parts to be used, and any other matter related to Work to be performed should be in writing. Dodson will not accept any verbal agreements to pricing for any Work request.

c. Dodson will inform the customer as soon as it becomes aware of additional information that may affect the pricing of a Work request, such as previously unknown damage or wear to the vehicle or price increases of parts from third party vendors, and Dodson will work in good faith to align on a path forward with the customer to complete or abandon the Work based on this. Dodson reserves the right to change quoted pricing to the extent unforeseen information outside of Dodson’s control arises.

d. Dodson reserves the right to add additional charges to any invoices where Dodson deems it necessary and appropriate. These additional charges may include but are not limited to environmental levies for the safe and responsible disposal of wastes, including by not limited to old parts, components, oils and hazardous fluids or materials, freight charges for the procurement of parts, and charges for vehicles that require extensive cleaning for Dodson to carry out service, for example.

4. Payment for Work

a. Dodson will remain the complete and sole owner of any and all parts, components, materials, and items that are supplied by Dodson to any customer until all invoices are paid by the customer in full.

b. Dodson requires full and complete payment of all outstanding invoices before the release of any vehicle to any customer that does not hold a Dodson trade account. Dodson reserves the right to withhold the return of any vehicle until full payment is made for any outstanding invoices.

c. All non-trade customers are required to pay all outstanding invoices within 24 hours of notification from Dodson that the requested Work has been completed and the vehicle is ready for collection. If collection and/or payment cannot be made within 24 hours, Dodson reserves the right to charge a daily vehicle storage fee of $40 per day.

d. Trade customers must complete an application prior to a trade account being opened with Dodson. Dodson reserves the right to reject any application for a trade account. Trade terms are generally the 20th of the month following invoice, but will be at the sole discretion of Dodson upon opening of the account and may be subject to change or
cancellation at any time. Trade customers who do not pay their invoices on the due date will have their trade terms revoked.

e. Dodson reserves the right to charge storage or holding fees to any and all parties that are unable to pay and/or collect any vehicle within 24 hours of the notification that services requested have been completed and the vehicle is ready for pickup.

f. Dodson charges a 2.95% fee for any payment made on a credit card. Charges paid by EFTPOS or bank transfer will not incur a fee. Dodson does not accept cash as a method of payment.

5. Loan Vehicle

a. Dodson may offer the use of a loan vehicle to customers that meet the requirements and term and conditions of use. Dodson considers the use of its loan vehicle a privilege and not a right. Dodson reserves the right to refuse use of its loan vehicle to any customer without reason or explanation.

b. Any person(s) requesting use of the Dodson loan vehicle will be required to complete the Dodson loan vehicle agreement in full each and every time they use the loan vehicle. Use of the vehicle will be strictly subject to the loan vehicle agreement.

c. Only the person who fills out and signs the loan vehicle form may be permitted to use the vehicle.

d. Dodson reserves the right to request the immediate return of the loan vehicle at any time for any reason.

e. Should for any reason the Dodson loan vehicle not be returned as agreed or as requested then Dodson reserves the right to withhold the release of the customer’s vehicle until the loan vehicle has been returned. 

6. General

a. Dodson recognises and adheres to all current local, national and international laws for conducting an automotive workshop and a business within New Zealand. Dodson is committed to conducting a fair, lawful and environmentally considerate business and is continually updating and evolving to ensure it adheres to all relevant laws, rules and regulations.

b. Dodson reserves the right to at any time and without prior notice or acknowledgement to any other person(s) or company(s), to amend, change, update or alter in any part and/or in its entirety, the terms and conditions forementioned in this document.