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DCT transmissions are not quite automatics and not quite manuals, and they require a specific servicing procedure that’s not the same as either.

Why do DCT transmissions need to be serviced?

The way that DCT transmissions are designed means that they use a “wet-clutch” setup, which shares the same oil as the rest of the transmission. This is so that the clutches are stronger and can hold more power. However, clutches are wear and tear items, and as they wear the materials from the clutches contaminate the oil, which is why the oil needs to be changed.

DCT Transmission Service

Typically, a DCT transmission service will involve replacing the fluid and the filter of the transmission. Most DCTs have two filters, and internal and an external one. Only the external one can be accessed during the service (the gearbox has to be stripped to get to the internal one), so only the external one is changed during the service.

Typically the car will first be scanned for any fault codes to ensure that the sensors and pressures in the gearbox are correct and that there are no other errors. The old oil will then be drained, the oil pan removed (if necessary) and old filter replaced with a new one, and any internal parts such as the valve body will be cleaned. The oil pan will be reinstalled with a new  gasket and the new oil will then be poured into the transmission.

The clutch and gear calibration will now be performed and then the car will be taken for a test drive to ensure everything works correctly, and any necessary adjustments will be made.

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