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If you drive a Porsche, you paid a premium for a top notch vehicle. No doubt you want to keep it that way. Making sure that it gets serviced properly will ensure it keeps its value and continues to run at its peak for years to come.

The question of how often should you service your Porsche often comes up when talking about maintenance.

Porsche Engine & PDK Transmission Service

The service intervals we at Dodson recommend are:

  • Engine: every 10,000kms or 1 year
  • PDK transmission: every 60,000km or 6 years

Engine Service

Our engine service will ensure that your engine is properly maintained and all parts necessary are replaced or upgraded to keep the car in top condition. That includes:

  • Replacing engine oil & filter using Mobil & other high quality parts and oils
  • New sealing washers on sump plug and reservoir
  • Checking and topping-up any low fluids
  • Vehicle safety check
  • Quality test drive
  • Optional – performing any additional standard or intermediate maintenance as required by Porsche service manual

PDK Transmission Service

Our PDK Transmission service is the complete maintenance package needed to ensure your PDK transmission runs like new. It includes:

  • Scanning vehicle for any fault codes to ensure the sensors and pressures are correct
  • Draining old transmission oil, remove sump with filter
  • Replacing sump and filter and cleaning all components
  • Filling transmission with DMS high performance transmission fluid
  • Performing clutch/gear calibration
  • Quality test drive

If it’s time for your Porsche engine or PDK transmission service we at Dodson Motorsport are here to help. Our service packages will ensure that your Porsche remains in the best running condition possible. Give us a call now on 09 441 3635 to book in your Porsche service.