Dodson Motorsport

Recently, ST Hitech’s 2700HP King Kong Nissan GTR was back at Dodson Motorsport.

King Kong Nissan GTR

We originally built this car, and it includes our entire catalogue in the gearbox, along with many of our custom-made parts.

It has a complete carbon fibre body, with a hand-build 4130 chromoly tube chassis, weighing 500kg less than factory.

The front suspension geometry is the same as factory, but the rear has Ohlins TTX twin-tube dampers mounted horizontally to custom bell cranks. These Ohlins dampers are the same ones that come in the Nismo GT3 R35, however the spring rates in King Kong are much lower to achieve the squat needed for grip in drag racing.

For drag racing purposes, it has a lightweight brake kit with solid rotors and five-stud hubs, which get replaced for big brakes and centrelock hubs when it’s doing circuit racing.

The drag spec wheels it runs are Belak beadlocks with titanium hardware – 17×10 on the front and 15×10 on the rear.

Under the bonnet, the parts include a Diamond pistons, a billet crankshaft, billet alloy rods, CNC ported heads with custom cams with a duration higher than 300 degrees, and a custom billet 3.8L block, designed by us at Dodson and milled from a solid block of billet alloy. It also runs an enormous Precision turbo.

The engine block doesn’t actually have any water galleries. Instead, the engine is cooled by an electric water pump which sends water only to the heads and cools them through a small radiator which is under the side of the bumper. Most of the cooling comes from the methanol passing through the custom-made billet fuel rails with 1700cc and 5750cc injectors mounted in the custom billet and carbon fibre inlet manifold.

It certainly is a beast, and we are happy to see it back in our shop and still going strong.