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If you need to get your BMW serviced in Auckland, no doubt you want it done by someone that will do the job correctly, using the right parts and components and ensuring that all procedures are done correctly.

This is especially true if you need your BMW DCT transmission serviced, as it must be done with the right oils and procedure to make sure that it will operate correctly and be protected against wear.

BMW Service in Auckland

We at Dodson Motorsport offer BMW Service in Auckland that includes complete engine and DCT transmission service packages.

What’s Included?

Just like all cars we service, all BMWs are serviced using high quality brands such as Mobil, AP Racing oils and fluids. DCT transmissions are scanned to make sure that everything is right before it gets serviced.

We also have team of vehicle technicians and R&D engineers that can make quality components here in New Zealand that coupled with the support of our ISTA service tool, help us to repair or upgrade the BMW DCT transmissions.

This ensures that your BMW is serviced in the best possible way and that we pick up any potential faults before they become issues. As a result your car will be running smoothly even in high performance driving sessions like track days.

Which BMWs Do We Service?

We service all late M performance models including:

  • BMW M2
  • BMW M3
  • BMW M4
  • BMW M5

If you are ready to get your BMW serviced book it in today by calling us on 09 441 3635 or emailing