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Getting the oil changed in your DCT transmission may seem like a simple task of just putting new fluid in. However, there’s quite a bit more to it than that, and we at Dodson Motorsport are here to ensure that it’s done right on your car.

DCT Transmissions are actually quite particular about the fluids used in them. This is due to several factors:

DCT Transmission Service by Dodson Motorsport1. DCT Fluids are not all equal. Some are better than others, and along with that, different DCT transmissions actually require different oils, as not all oils work effectively on all platforms. This means that using the correct oil in your DCT will make a big different to how long the transmission lasts and how it performs.

The reason for this is that some DCT fluids are not viscous enough (otherwise referred to as thicker) and affect the way the clutch behaves and drives as well as any auto adaptions the car may be trying to carry out. Other fluids are a lot more viscous (thinner) and do not have adequate additives for great protection, which can result in unnatural wear of the gearset and ultimately premature failure of the gearset.

Some DCT fluids will have the wrong additives which, if incorrect for the transmission, can leave behind residue and gunk which can block up or jam solenoids and clutch seals, all resulting in premature failure of the transmission.

2. The service intervals specified by manufacturers for DCTs are often not correct. For example, Nissan states that the service interval for GTRs is from 30,000 up to 60,000km, which is practically suicide for those transmissions.

As we at Dodson Motorsport have serviced an incredible amount of DCT transmissions and have seen more Nissan GTR DCTs than any other company in NZ, probably by a large factor.  So we are well aware of the end results of incorrect fluids and service intervals on DCT transmissions.

Along with this, we have been working closely with our 200 worldwide dealers on all DCT platforms for both servicing and performance. This is why we have the knowledge and experience required to make recommendations we believe are more accurate than those provided by car manufacturers. We have seen the real world results and our aim is to ensure that your car is properly serviced and taken care of.

We also have the ability to perform programming and calibrations of many DCT platforms using genuine and aftermarket service tools, some of which only dealers typically have access to. This allows us to ensure that everything is working correctly in your DCT and to pick up any faults that may be otherwise have been missed.

So no matter what car with a DCT transmission you have, our aim is to help you service it and service it right, ensuring it continues to perform and lasts the test of time.

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